Mountain Tree Lotus Root Nitro Ring II Bacteria House 1ℓ for SaltWater


Lotus Root Nitro Ring II for marine water featured with oblique section plus super porous, to maximize space for nitrobacteria grow and eliminate harmful substances at the final step.

Texture can help nitrifying bacteria attach and grow, thus greatly accelerating the establishment of the nitrification system.

The Mountain Tree Lotus Root Nitro Ring II for Marine Water is especially designed for marine water use. It builds a complete and healthy micro system and minimizes filter spaces.

It has special formula with lower silicate, which is friendly to coral, fish and other marine life, prevents brown algae.

Helps water to carry nitrite and nitrate into the nitro ring for efficient denitrification reaction, and provide anaerobic bacteria space to culture in the micropores within the nitro ring.

Applying ceramic filter media, the larger surface area the better performance in biochemical filtration (5580 sqm/L). Nitro ring’s premium micro hole forms a large surface area for bacteria to colonize.

1ℓ 18x15mm, equipped with a white mesh container size S

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