Mountain Tree Mini Ring Bacteria House


Super Mini Size 8×5mm, especially suitable for small filters and aquarium. Maintain water pH level stable in two ways.

Releases K, Fe, Na, Ca, and other minerals. Lighter, high absorption rate up to 80%. Special gear shape is good to extend its surface area.

The Mountain Tree mini ring are applicable for breeding Guppy, tetra, Zebrafish, Rumble fish, Angelfish, Cichlid, Molly fish, Xiphophorus maculatus, Puntius tetrazona, Corydoras, etc. It also small but highly efficient. It is ideal for small size tank.

Nature mineral elements powder added; Helps to balance water PH; Mini Size as a finger nail; Special tooth gear shape; Ensure water movement; 1050 sqm/L surface area to aid in beneficial bacteria cultivation and increase filter efficiency.

The mini ring is packed in 4 individual mesh bags for easier maintenance.

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