Mountain Tree Spawning Brush 150cm (Set of 2 pcs)


Length 150cm

1 box (2 pcs)

The spawning brush emulates natural koi spawning environment. During the spawning period, koi are sensitive to the environment. Without a comfy, soft home, they may spawn on hard rocks and walls. Meanwhile, touching coarse material in a pond can lead to a risk of injury or unsuccessful spawning.

Mountain Tree spawning brush ecluates a natural koi spawning environment, and provides a comfy home for fish eggs. Thus providing them a comfy home for eggs growth is essential part of success spawning.

The Mountain Tree Spawning Brush is made of soft stainless steel coupled with appropriately dense nylon filaments. Fish will feel a smooth, comfortable surface that they can lay eggs on.

More 3D space for higher survival rate of fish eggs.

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