Mountain Tree UV Sterilizer 20 Watt With Stainless Steel Protector


Mountain Tree UV sterilizer is most suitable to use in the clear water chamber, which has high efficiency eliminating algae bloom in your filter system to lower drug or chemical use. It is an ideal option to control harmful parasites and bacteria instantly and mainly to prevent waterborne pathogens for a healthier aquatic environment.

Mountain Tree UV sterilizer is equipped with a rigid stainless steel mounting bracket for safety protection. UVC lamp can easily and effortlessly be replaced by unscrewing the top nut. Lamps have long durability of not less than 8000 hours. It can easily be installed in a pipe system or directly into the existing filter such as pool, pond, fountain or swimming lake, and so on. Mountain Tree UV sterilizer 20Watt is equipped with a floating board to make it floating and easy installation of the ballast.

Length: 62cm

Life span UV: 1 tahun dari mulai pemakaian
Garansi: 3 bulan dari tanggal pembelian

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