Mountain Tree 3D Filter Pad


Filter Pad is suitable for wet/dry filters. Its 3-Dimensional structure makes it soft and elastic without clogging. Filter Pad is made of polymer chemical fiber which is not easy to fall apart after many times washes.

It has a great effect on both physical and biological filtration. Quite easy to maintain and can be cut to fit your canister filter, filter box, and so on in freshwater or marine aquariums for mechanical stage filtration.

Highly adsorbent chemical filter media pads quickly and efficiently remove impurities, medications, and phosphate from aquarium water. Rapidly improves water clarity and actively removes harmful organic and various inorganic waste buildup for several months.

3-Dimensional structure and proper dense polymers chemical fiber make it effective to avoid residue without clogging.

The specific surface area is higher than regular cotton filters, easier to cultivate the nitrifying bacteria for biological filtration, a good item ensures your filtering effect.

Filter pad has good elastic and not easy to fall apart and can last for long after many times washes. Can be cut to any sizes as your needed with sharp scissors.(Stay away from injury)

Offer both mechanical and chemical filtration, block fish manure and impurity.

Size 100cm x 40cm x 2cm

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