Mountain Tree Brush Ball 5cm x 5cm x 4,5cm (per piece)


Each of Small Brush Ball sized 5cm x 5cm x 4,5-5cm

Price per piece

Used in physical filtration, canister filters, top filters, trickle filters etc. Small size to fit sumps and filters. Patented filaments to upgrad bio filtration effect.

Filter brush ball is mostly applied in the wet/dry separation box. To place filter brush ball in the first layer of filter, it can separate most waste fish food and manure, so as to reduce the burden of your following filtration. Its mini size is easy to fulfill the size of any filter so that to maximize filter volume and improve filter effect greatly.

Thousands of cross shape filaments enlarge specific surface area and it’s easy to culture bacteria.

One on top of another filter ball makes it quite dense to take up more space. They will maximum capacity to expand limited space to the maximum, ZERO SPACE spared. So it has larger specific surface area to culture bacteria.

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