Mountain Tree Coconut Carbon


Natural raw material, more carbon and less dust.

The Mountain Tree Coconut Carbon absorbs chemicals and odors, including those of organic compounds, overall organics (like DOC, TOC), pesticides, detergents, suspended solids, and excesses, chlorine etc. which cannot be effectively removed by regular granular activated carbon.

Mountain Tree Coconut Carbon effect by reducing the organic and toxic compounds in the aquarium water, to keep water quality leading to healthier fish. It is calcined from high quality plant fiber and phosphate free. It is safe and suitable for both fresh water and marine aquarium. Quickly removes odor, colors, organic pollutants, toxic compounds and medications. Mountain Tree coconut carbon is bagged with a mesh media bag to easily fit in the right location for filtration system.

High iodine values up to 1000mg/g, and a fine porous material with a large surface area.

Leads in when changing water to act on turbulence quickly. Offers safe chemical filtration. Reduces the frequency of using chemicals.

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