Mountain Tree Carbon Wool Pad


Mountain Tree Carbon Wool Pad is specifically designed to aid the cleaning of the water, remove particles and get your pond water crystal clear.

The wool effectively polishes the water, quickly removing the particles which create the cloudiness, and the carbon impregnated foam removes chemical pollutants for sparkling clear water. We suggest using it when water becomes cloudy yellow and smelly.

The Mountain Tree Carbon Wool Pad removes residual medications, toxins, pollutants and issolved organics. Activated carbon contained that “polishes” water while trapping floating particles. It is suitable for fresha and marine water, any size aquarium or pond.

For use at the top tier of the canister filter, allows for easy maintenance. Fewer pollutants may lengthen its lifetime. Acts as the final guard for clean and clear aquarium water.

For use at trickle filter as a mechanical filtration process. Eliminates wastes from the beginning to ease biological filtration.

Net Weight: 300gr

Size: 145cm x 35cm x 5cm

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