Mountain Tree Lotus Root Bacteria House III Size S for Salt Water


ADVANCED Bacteria House LOTUS ROOT Generation 3-S Marine Edition:
SURFACE AREA: 6618 m2/lt
Negative ION release: 1200+
Contain Various Minerals

Surface area reaches up to 6618 sqm/L.

The revolutionary Lotus root 3D structure Keeps water and microbes active.

Releases far infrared and negative ions which kill pathogenic bacteria and improves microbes’ metabolism.

Ion data reaches up to 1100 – 1300 pcs/cubic cm.

Comparing to live rocks in sump, it’s more stable and less maintenance, which means less water replacement.

Rich in trace elements such as Na, Mg, Mg, Ca, Sr, etc. to boost the growth of corals. Also contains Mg & Ca ions which keeps PH stable.

Size S : 16,5cm x 4cm

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