Mountain Tree Lotus Root Nitro Ring II Bacteria House 1ℓ


The Lotus Root Nitro Ring II features with oblique section plus super porous, to maximize space for nitrobacteria growth and eliminate harmful substance.

It builds an exhaustive and healthy microsystem, and maximizes filter space at the same time.

Featured with oblique section plus super porous, to maximize space for nitrobacteria grow and eliminate harmful substance at the final step. Builds an exhaustive & healthy micro system maximizes filter space.

The texture helps nitrifying bacteria attach and grow, thus greatly accelerating the establishment of a nitrification system.

Special lotus hole structure helps the water to carry nitrite and nitrate into the nitrification ring for efficient denitrification reactions, and uses the anaerobic bacteria cultured in the micropores inside the nitrification ring.

Oblique section
More filter space can be saved due to the oblique section, and the beveled nitrification rings accumulate together, which can disrupt the flow of water and prolong the flow of water in the area where the nitrification ring resides, so as to improve the filtration efficiency.

Micro hole
The micro hole helps to cultivate the aerobic nitrifying bacteria community on the surface of nitro rings, while the internal micropores are conducive to the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria for denitrification reactions, which decomposes NO3 into nitrogen and oxygen through denitrification.

1ℓ 18x15mm, equipped with a white mesh container size S

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