Mountain Tree Nitro Ring I Bacteria House 1ℓ


The oblique section structure diverts water and oxygen flows to every corner of the media to aid in bacterial development.

The patented design of the oblique cutout effectively staggers and diverts the water flow, allowing it to provide sufficient water dissolved oxygen and organic matter for the nitrifying bacteria.

The fine and dense pores reaches 1150 sqm / ℓ of surface area, providing more growth and reproduction environment for beneficial bacteria and improving the oxygen delivery capacity and bacteria cultivation efficiency.

The porous structure ensures a high rate of water absorption balances aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

The materials used in the products are natural mineral raw materials with no heavy metals and other harmful substances added.

Featured with oblique section plus super porous, to maximize space for nitrobacteria grow and eliminate harmful substance at the final step. Builds an Exhaustive & Healthy Micro System Maximizes filter space.

Varian Nitro Ring I 1ℓ attached to a thread necklace for easy installation and maintenance

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