Mountain Tree Small Square Brush 6cm x 6cm x 5cm (18 pcs/box)


Individual size: 6cm x 6cm x 5cm

1 box (18 pcs)

Mountain Tree Square Filter Brushes are made of new plastic material with good shape and not easy to deform, can be used for more than 5 years, which is 5 times than conventional brush.

Mountain Tree Square Filter Brushes are used for mechanical filtration in the overflow box in aquarium where the coarse dirt particles, such as remove fish waste or dead plants and algae, and cut off water flow to get more oxygen. Also they are very good settlement area for beneficial microorganisms.

Mountain Tree Square Filter Brush is the optimal choice for eliminate noise and physical filtration. It act as the first layer of biochemical filter. Release the burden of your whole filtration system.

The square brushes can be placed in wet & dry separation, top filters, trickle filters etc. The square shape perfectly fits filter box and maximizes the filter space without any waste. The patented cross shape filament enlarges the surface area for bacteria growth so as to increase the biofilter effect.

The square brush is designed with a round cover on top which keeps users from hurting by the stainless steel core.

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