Mountain Tree Lotus Root Bacteria House III Size L


ADVANCED Bacteria House LOTUS ROOT Generation 3-L:
SURFACE AREA: 5292 m2/lt
Negative ION release: 1200+
Contain Various Minerals

Being optimized based on Lotus Root Spiral Bacteria House II, with new indented Lotus Root and Spiral structure design. Provides 5292 sqm per Liter surface area. The revolutionary Lotus root 3D structure Keeps water and microbes active.

Mountain Tree revolutionary innovated filter media – Lotus Root Spiral Bacteria House III Greatly improve the surface area and negative ion based on 2nd generation. The gear-like design upgraded on the basis of the Bacteria House II can change direction of the water flow to gentle the water pressure which is more conducive to the breeding of beneficial bacteria.

The media emits far infrared ray which makes the water alive and benefits fish immune systems and colorings.

Each piece of the lotus root media comes packaged with a mesh protector, which lends to its safe shipment and increases the 3D spatial capacity for bacterial development.

Contains various minerals for fish, coral, and plants, including K, Mg, Fe, Zn, Na, Ca, which improves the growth rates of fish bones while enhancing fish appetites and optimally balancing their blood conditions.

Every bacteria house comes with bacteria starter that makes it ready to use.

Size L : 25cm x 8cm

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